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Go Tikki Inc

Established in 2016, Our Mission Is To Help Organizations Discover How Ski Getaways and Adventure Travel Can Be A Part Of Their Legacy.

Unfortunately, the opportunity to experience adventure in life – intentionally, that is – is an opportunity oftentimes reserved for a select few. If you narrow adventure down to mountain experiences, the list of those that can partake gets even narrower. There are natural challenges, like geography, and intangible challenges, like financial considerations, and psychological barriers like perceived risk.

GO TIKKI was born out of a desire to make two fundamental elements of the human experience accessible and desirable for all. The perfect marriage of pleasure and adventure is a result of careful planning and execution, and Go Tikki’s mission is to do just that for as many thousands of people as chairlifts, gondolas, and coach buses can get around.

Go Tikki Inc formally organized as a federal corporation in Canada in the summer of 2016. The closely held organization began its first year of operation as a closely-related operating partner of Ski Evolution Inc, a reputable tour operator from Montreal, Quebec, in business for over 30 years. By the end of the 2016-17 North American ski season, Go Tikki serviced hundreds of individual customers from several Canadian organizations, and established a long-term partnership with two of the Northeast’s most prominent ski resorts.

Leading into the 2017-18 ski season, Go Tikki anticipated subdued growth of only 150% YoY, due to a weakened US Dollar, making trips to mountains such as Jay Peak, Killington, and others in the regions surrounding Montreal (the Company’s base of operations), more expensive for a majority of Go Tikki’s clientele. However, thanks to new, valuable relationships with several institutions of higher education in Canada and the United States, Go Tikki outperformed previous estimates and grew its business 2X one year after its inception.

After nearly two years of service to the organization, Michael Frances, one of Go Tikki‘s two directors (the other being Keeyan Ravanshid), left the Corporation in pursuit of full-time employment in the financial industry. Mr Ravanshid is now at the helm of the organization for the 2018-2019 season, and is leading Go Tikki’s expansion with new services and in new markets.

It's unfortunate that the word "freedom" and "adventure" do not rhyme, for they are perhaps more intrinsically related than even a finger to a hand.
― Mr. Tikki
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